Achieve the clearest vision in your machine

Easy installation, quality made in Germany

Clear Screen, Clear View!

Clear View Disk is an innovative product made in Germany.  it is basically a clear protective screen that repels liquid and helps with vision inside your machine.  It is super easy to install, cost effective and ultra thin (only 0.3 mm).

No screw mounting is necessary, easy atachement thanks to special adhesive layer plus machine operation is possible immediately after assembly.


Choose your CVD


$ 108 Per UNIT


CVD 300 MM
$ 137 Per UNIT


CVD 400 MM
$ 197 Per UNIT


Most frequent questions and answers

With Insight KB you have a clear view inside the machine all the time.  Operating the machine becomes easier and the entire working process turns significantly more efficient, safer and the reject costs decrease.

Installation is really simple.  You just need to clean the machine guard with a conventional cloth, making sure that is free of any dust and dirt.  Once the surface is clean, you proceed to install the clear sticker with help of the squidgy.   Download instructions for more details.

Depending on conditions it can last until one year!

Clear View Disk is made in Germany.

  • Fast

  • Cost effective

  • Simple

Off to more Insights

With Clear View Disk:

  • you have permanent visual control of the process in the machine room
  • the process gains efficiency, safety and minimizes the cost of scrap produced.
  • Available in 200, 300 and 400 mm as well as special shapes and sizes.
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